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Hi, students today the subject I came up with is “Criminology”. All those students who are willing to do their graduate in this faculty and will have to prepare their research paper must read this. I hope this will help you a lot. In first step, you need to give introduction to criminology and crimes. Everybody must be familiar of this word ‘Crime’, as it is becoming very common day by day. The term “crime” covers many different categories and types of acts or omissions. As a discipline which examines crime as a social phenomenon, criminology is a constantly changing and expanding field. Crime is sometimes regarded as social when it represents a conscious challenge to a prevailing social order and its values. The core problem of crime is similar in every country, but the way we try to deal with crime can vary considerably. Because we experience similar crime problems it is useful to learn from each other about the best ways to prevent crime and create safe communities. Street crimes are the most commonly done world wide.

Secondly, in your research paper describe the categories than sub categories and so on. You need to research on crimes rates in different countries if you are discussing world wide other wise of a particular country. Lets talk about what kind of crimes are being done mostly; While the drop in crime against property has become a trend, all Western European countries are experiencing a rise in drug-related crimes, sexual crimes, street crimes and cases of bodily harm. Also, most western societies are becoming more and more concerned, especially since the Eighties, about the impact of immigration and organized crime on social and economic stability. You need to search a lot about social crimes, its types, laws, punishments etc in detail to prepare your research paper on Social Crimes. The focus of the public and criminal policy-makers has shifted to such criminal phenomena that attract attention less because of the quantitative indexes and consequential trends, but rather due to their potential economic significance, outstanding social interest and ability to cause social tension.

Crime arises from a combination of individual and social factors. Under this chapter, we should cover its principles, laws, objectives, policies, ways of reducing threat of crimes, departments of justice, crime prevention, and many other related topics should be covered. Criminology itself is a big huge subject, it has different categories amongst those social criminology is one of them. Let’s discuss the ways to prevent crime. According to my research on this, I got to know three main ways of crime prevention which I ma going to share with you.

1. Using the Criminal Justice system which includes; police, court, prisoners etc, to deter people from committing crime or to remove them from circulation so that they cannot commit any more crimes

2. Reducing the opportunities for crime to occur. In Britain and North America this is called situational crime prevention and usually entails improvements to the physical security or design of buildings and neighborhoods.

3. Reducing the motivation to offend. This is sometimes called criminality prevention or social crime prevention.

So what does “social crime prevention” consist of? Good social crime prevention is an interlocking series of interventions that enables people to lead a life where they do not have the inclination, motivation or need to offend against others, whether for expressive or acquisitive reasons. To put it crudely, social crime prevention ensures that babies grow up to be considerate children, pro-social adolescents and responsible adults. A tall order? Yes, but not impossible. A comprehensive social crime prevention program would contain most of the following elements:

• Support for parents before and after child-birth, by health workers.
• Parenting skills training and family support, by people trained in developmental psychology.
• Good quality nursery and pre-school provision.
• Personal, social and moral education in schools.
• Adequate play and youth activities.
• Training and employment for useful or meaningful work.
• Supported accommodation for people with particular needs or vulnerabilities.
• Help to overcome or reduce the damage caused by alcohol and other drug dependencies.
• Mediation and other community based conflict resolution services.

Ideally, such a public service programme would be offered universally to the entire population, but in reality, due to limited resources, interventions have to be targeted at the most vulnerable or problematic neighborhoods as happens in UK.

There are many other important aspects which have to be covered in it as I told you the points in one of the above paragraphs. So students, I hope you have understood what we have discussed in this post. Now you really need to work hard, do a huge research on it and start preparing for your term papers or research project. If you want any help regarding your term paper than you can Order Research Papers .it would be our pleasure to help you getting good marks in your term paper.

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