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Gloria Hamilton 28/04/11 6:38 PM

This is a very interesting topic for all the Marketing and Ecological students out there. Today, I am here with a lot of research and information on the hot new issue the Green Marketing. Those of you who want to write some thing new and different in their research or term paper should read this.

In order to start your research on Green Marketing I recommend you to start it by defining green marketing. What is green marketing? Green marketing is also known as sustainable marketing, organic marketing and environmental marketing. It is the marketing of products that are said to be environmentally safe. This includes many activities like product variation, transformation in the manufacturing process, using recycled board or paper for packaging and different forms of advertising.

People are now getting more awareness about the damages that chemicals and industrial gases are causing to the environment .This is disturbing the natural balance. They are now using such products that do not use chemicals like fertilizers to increase food production or preservatives that will ensure the useful shelf life of food. This is one way of putting into practice, the green marketing phenomenon by using food that is grown with natural organic fertilizers that maintain the natural environmental balance of the earth.
There are three keys to successful green marketing: 1) Being original means that
a) you are actually doing what you claim to be doing in your green marketing campaign and b) the rest of your business policies are consistent with whatever you are doing that’s environmentally friendly.2) Educating your customers isn’t just a matter of letting people know you’re doing whatever you’re doing to protect the environment, but also a matter of letting them know why it matters. 3) Giving your customers an opportunity to participate means personalizing the benefits of your environmental friendly actions, normally through letting the customer take part in positive environmental action.

You should also discuss they WHY factor in your term paper that why should we embrace green marketing. With the human wants increasing greatly, the resources are decreasing. Therefore it has become compulsory for the marketers across the globe to use the resources proficiently and not misuse them under any conditions. World wide surveys show that customers worldwide are changing their attitude towards products and services. Green marketing is almost unavoidable as the market for socially liable goods is increasing greatly.

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