What are the Ingredients for a Research Paper on Marketing at Graduate level?

Gloria Hamilton 10/12/10 12:23 PM

Today let us discuss about research papers because I always tries to come up with mix topics and my efforts are purely diverted for students’ welfare and betterment. In this article you can see the material which is required to make the paper on any marketing topic. This information is general and for all students who are aiming to make a paper on such topics.

You can begin your paper by having good introduction and it is advised to have some organization background and collect information accordingly. The purpose of every organization, be it profit making or nonprofit making is to be able to achieve organizational goal to provide goods and services to the targeted people at a reasonable time and cost effective. In recent time organization have change from letting the achievement of organizational goals to luck or pure assumptions but have since the reason to market its ‘products’ goods and services.

The word marketing means “as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating communication and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefits the organization and its stakeholders” managers in attempt to carry out this function have develop different strategies to make the difference in the market and have a competitive advantage over their competitors. Marketing strategies as they were are orientations to coordinate activities of an organization to the set target. Marketing is not limited to profit making organization but government and non- profit organizations.
Next you can add some more data in the body. The strategies or orientations towards market place as including production, product, selling, marketing and holistic concepts. This are the efforts from time pass to guide their marketing plans. This orientation has evolutes with time from production concept to the holistic concept.

Production concept: this concept has been around is one of the oldest, and assumes that goods and services are produced with customer demanding for them in future. Managers in this concept go ahead to produced goods and services that are generally obtainable and inexpensive.
Product concept: this concept “holds that customers favor those production that offer the most quality performance, or innovative features”

Selling concept: This concept believes that to rise or improves sales there is need for managers to create awareness through marketing to get customers to buy the goods.

Marketing concept: the concept shifts it focus from good and service to the end user. It is customer centered by responding to the needs of the customers. It is customer driven producing the right product for the customers.

Holistic marketing concept: this concept harmonizes the whole activities in line be the market trends and the today’s business environment.

So that’s all about the ingredients and tries to make use of this information.

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