The General Mistakes in a Research Papers and their Solution

Gloria Hamilton 09/05/11 12:34 PM

Hi all, today I have decided to tell you about the common mistakes we make in writing our research papers or term papers. We don’t even know the presence of those mistakes and then we wonder why we got such bad grades in our research paper or term paper. Writing a research paper is an attention consuming, time taking and effort intensive activity. College and university students have to carry out the research assignment. It happens with most of the students, even I am one of those who wondered and was always surprised when I did not receive high marks on a research paper when I have spent hours and hours working on it. Until I figured out the following tips to avoid the most common mistakes found in research papers:

Your writing must be good – Careless writing is the number one reason research papers receive low grades. Thoroughly check every detail of your term paper before submitting it to your professor.

Your paper must contain academic sources – Many students use sources online that do not have the academic standards required for university studies. While there are many scholarly articles and publications online that requires a bit of research.

Pay attention to your topic – Focus completely on your thesis statement. Going off the topic is one of the common focus mistakes made by students.

Stay in the viewpoint – One of the greatest challenges of writing a research paper is determining the major and minor points of the composition. This requires an evaluation of the sources used as well as a decision of which points to emphasize. Confusion of major and minor points is considered a weakness by professors and will result in a lower grade than that earned by a research paper with clear priorities.

Mention balanced references – Write a balanced in put of the sources into the body of the paper. Too many or too few references within the research paper are common mistakes. It is advised to keep the citations correct, write quotations to a minimum and use them only when they assist with strengthening a point.
Avoid repetitive content – Students mostly do this mistake. They write about one thing over and over. It is a common mistake to load the research paper with repetitive, irrelevant, and over-written content. This gives a clear sign to the professor that the student either has nothing of interest to say on the topic or did not do comprehensive and sufficient research.

Use latest topics – Inspiring research papers include all the latest findings and publications in them. Historical works can be used and are even desirable for many topics but it is always advised to limit other sources to the last five or ten years.

Limit yourself – There are millions of topics that a student can research on. Many students do not limit the scope and set the boundaries for their research paper topic. This can lead to the mistakes mentioned above. This mistake can be avoided simply by narrowing the area to be covered in your research paper.

Stick to the word count – Most of the students ignore the word or page count given in the instructions for the research paper. This requires little thought but a bit of planning. Outline the research paper ahead of time and determine approximate lengths for the sections so that addressing the length does not compromise the flow and continuity.

Follow the citation style – Students have to follow the specific citation style for each paper as required by the professor. Be it APA, MLA, Chicago, or any other format, it must be followed.

Now you know how these little things if avoided can drown you in your grades. So be careful and follow these guidelines when writing your research or term paper. You can see other articles for further help on several different topics also. If you want any help in writing your term paper or research paper, just remember, we have hired experienced writers to write research papers and term papers for you. They can write custom papers on any topic you want.

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