Scope of Business Communication and Business Information System

Gloria Hamilton 27/09/10 11:11 AM

This is the era of globalization and more and more new careers are coming. So today I have decided to write about some new career and its scope. So I have opted Business Communication and Business Information System. Nowadays due to the high rise in globalization, communication has gained immense importance. Business communication is a bright option as a profession. It includes certain combination of subject as academic factor. Students that complete their degree in this field have a diversified combination. Internet marketing, business to business communication and economic policy are some of the possible ones. You can pick any one of topic to write term paper or to do your research work.

Business communication is one of the technological angle to the business world .This makes it possible for business graduates to be a part of the technological industry. Another branch of this educational sector creates information transfer between business and the general public .It is called business to consumer communication.

There are some areas to which are of concentration and are dedicated .Oral or verbal communication is one out of them .Interpersonal communication and conversing properly in the corporate world are some significant factors. There is a particular stance and attitude which is required for this purpose. Hence universities design certain courses in the academic curriculum to accomplish this task. Sometime you have to do group discussion on different careers.

Formal writing is another milestone to be accomplished .There are paraphrasing styles of writing letters, memos, fax and meeting minutes .Even a formal e-mail can not have the feel of a casual conversation .A business communication graduate also takes courses like corporate adverting and product marketing in his academic structure. This is new field and getting good scope. It is expected to have some good position in upcoming years.

The employment scenario presents pleasant picture .Several graduates are employed every year. Graduates with a decent knowledge of internet and online processing are hired by companies and firms operating globally. Hence this field portrays a successful image of the business sector in the corporate world. Now talking about the second career here so it is seen that enhancement in technology can be experienced to the maximum extent in the areas of computers and networking .Business information systems deals with the management of the corporate technology sector .Updating corporate databases, designing company networks, global company networks and digitalizing financial records.

Universities offer a bachelors degree in BIS (Business information systems).Courses like software management, system finance, databases, and software engineering .their is also a certain percentage of core business courses like human resource management, marketing, economics, finance, policy management and accounts. Academic institutions also award a masters degree and a post doctorate with majors in business intelligence .Professionals are also given a certain exposure of software development and programming applications .This helps them in designing business applications and corporate software’s for organizations.


The employment perspective provides immense opportunities. Individuals join the software department of various multinationals, banks, government organizations and software firms. They also play an important part in the networking department of a company .At present globalization has captured the corporate scene. Therefore organizations use services like intranet, internet, WAN (Wide area network) and LAN (Local Area Network) which requires the services of professional with both business knowledge and technical expertise .A properly designed network makes the commencement of international transactions and multi currency functions uncomplicated.

The responsibilities of business information professional are immense and they affect all the departments of an organization .However it also creates a boom in the hiring phenomena .As no firm operates without a network, hence professionals are employed at a high rate.

That’s all for today and I am sure you have learned a lot from it.

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