Solving the Abbreviation problem

Gloria Hamilton 12/05/11 2:10 PM

Most of you get confused when writing you are writing abbreviations in your APA format term paper. Today’s post is just to erase your confusion.

• When you abbreviate a term, use the full expression, followed by the abbreviation in afterwards.
For e.g. World Health Organization (WHO)

Do not write standard abbreviations like units of measurement and states.

• Do not use (.) in abbreviations of all capital letters, unless it is a proper name:
MA, CD, HTML P. D. James, J. R. R. Tolkien, E. B. White or F.I.M., S.W.F.
• Use (.) when abbreviating the United States as an adjective (U.S. Marines or U.S. Senator)
• Use (.)if the abbreviation is Latin abbreviation or a reference abbreviation: etc. , e.g. , a.m. or Vol. 7, p. 12, 4th ed.
• Do not use periods when abbreviated measurements: cd, ft, lb, mi, min
• Use (.) when abbreviating inch (in.) to avoid confusion.
• Units of measurement and statistical abbreviations should only be abbreviated when accompanied by numerical values:
7 mg, 12 mi, M = 7.5
• Do not abbreviate: day, week, month, year
• Do abbreviate: hr, min, ms, ns, s

To form the plural of abbreviations, add s alone without apostrophe or italicization.
vols., IQs, Eds.

Do not add s to pluralize units of measurement (12 m not 12 ms).

Abbreviations in Citations

Citations should be as strong as possible, so you should know the basic rules of abbreviation endorsed by the APA to provide your readers with reference information.

Always abbreviate the first and middle names of authors, editors, etc.

Shakespeare, W., Chomsky, N.

Use the following abbreviations within citations (take note of capitalization):

Book Part Abbreviation

Edition ed.

Revised Edition Rev. ed.

Second Edition 2nd ed.

Editor(s) Ed. or Eds.

Translator(s) Trans.

No date n.d.

Page(s) p. or pp.

Volume(s) Vol. Vols

Number no.

Part Pt.

Technical Report Tech. Rep.

Supplement Suppl.

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Happy reading!

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