Why to Prepare Term Paper Bibliography First

Gloria Hamilton 14/10/11 12:07 PM

Hi Guys, if you have gone through the phase of writing term papers than you must be familiar of that usually it is recommended to preliminary prepare bibliography for your term papers before you start research. Just imagine if you wait until your term paper content writing is finished and then return to the library and internet to list which books or sources you have used you may find that they are out on loan to someone else, or they may have been replaced by newer material. Perhaps, this would not be practical to again make effort to find out which were the sources you used. You can save yourself by this trouble by keeping your bibliographic information from the day first you start working on your project. There are numbers of reasons why, before getting start to your research, it is important to prepare a term paper bibliography first even though bibliography will include books you will never see or use again.

• You must make sure that adequate information on the topic is available to you and that your term paper content is original.

• You must schedule a period of time to order any relevant published informative materials that you may need to obtain through the inter library loan service. There is often a so called charge for postage, and you should be have time to wait at least a week.

• You will need to understand the type of research that has been done on your chosen topic before so that you will get an idea of how and in which flow you should carry your research for your term paper.

• By going through a search for a variety of titles, you will get to know how your chosen thesis might be further limited or broadened.

After you prepare your term paper’s bibliography and later as you browse through the material, it is urgent that you evaluate and critically examine your sources. Always remember not everything in print or available on the Internet is valuable and authentic. You will be able to find out your sources with some confidence by considering some important questions which are stated below.

• Where does an author document sources, in footnotes at the bottom of the page or endnotes at the end of a chapter or book or Internet site? It is important to know especially for your readers when we talk about term papers, where the information that you are reading came from. Does the writer include a bibliography or references page? This may shows an author’s awareness of other research that has been done in the particular topic.

• What is the publication date you are using and of the sources the writer is using? If your topic requires current informative material, outdated material will be of no use than.

• Is this Internet site reliable and does it contains authentic information? Usually the caution with which you approach research materials applies even more to Internet sites than to print material. Mostly the titles of such sites are misleading, indicating for example, that they are “the official” site of an organization when, in fact, they are not an official site.

So, you see how preparing bibliography first can make your research easier. Since when we see format or if we go through the format sequence then reference/bibliography page comes at last usually, Students who prepares their term paper for the first time they just follow the sequence and even they are not taught about what to attempt first. Generally, they make this mistake of preparing bibliography at end and get into trouble then. So make sure you don’t repeat this mistake hence it will waste your precious time which you can serve in any other task related to your term paper.

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