Term Paper Guidelines

Gloria Hamilton 02/08/10 8:36 AM

A term paper is a comprehensive researched based essay that displays a student’s understanding and grasp of a course related topic. A number of students are not familiar with standard term paper requirements and therefore lose marks even if the content and analysis is well managed. Mentioned below are a number of simple term paper guidelines that will prove useful for your term paper.

1.    Begin by conducting basic research on the assigned topic. This will allow you to gain a primary understanding of the topic and its various branches. The idea is to get familiar with the topic on broad level so it helps you in picking niche.

2.    With the help of this primary research, you should now be able to decide on a sub category or niche of the topic. Pick a category that interests you and one that has enough room for expansion. Focus your research criteria so it remains relevant to the chosen area.

3.    Once you have chosen a topic, devise a thesis statement. This is a concise statement that depicts your stance or position on one of the branches of the topic. It also tells the reader what this term paper is primarily about.

4.    Further fine-tine your research and concentrate on information that is specific to your thesis statement. Do not go off tangents by researching other areas as you will only waste your time and produce a disjointed thesis statement.

5.    Once you have all the information, develop a rough outline by jotting down important points to include in the term paper. This will help gain direction and focus before you actually start writing the term paper. It will avoid mistakes and mismanagement of thoughts and ideas.

6.    Now comes the introductory paragraph and the focus of this article on term paper guidelines. This is where you set the stage for yourself and the reader. An introduction makes or breaks your term paper; it is that paragraph that creates the first impression on the reader. Present your thesis statement and tell the readers why you have chosen this topic. Use a direct tone of expression.

7.    Begin with the body paragraphs which hold the bulk of your research. Each paragraph should carry one unique point backed with research and its analysis. Here you defend your thesis statement.

8.    In the conclusion paragraph, use a persuasive tone. Here you summarize your analysis and show the reader how your research supports your thesis statement.

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