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Gloria Hamilton 05/04/11 8:46 PM

Term papers require proper planning and thinking before starting and in this regards selection of a topic is vital. Today I am discussing a very interesting and different topic as far as term paper is concern. Being a student you have so many tasks in your life to achieve and to make all those goals possible in your way, you need to struggle hard. Same is the case with degree and to know first what the importance is and what is the utmost priority, these are very important for your term paper article as well.

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As noted earlier, tradition embodied in a current corporate culture is a powerful force. It is this culture and the traditions that a substantial change will be looking to change. In order to keep a change in place, to make it stick, the new environment needs to be supportive, new and strong. Achieving this change successfully is more fragile than is often initially thought. All of us who are parents, or who have been children (that covers all of us) know that when a class of children are left alone they can become loud and unruly. If the teacher or a parent enters the room, that is changed. However, soon after the teacher or parent leaves the room, well I guess we can say that the change did not stick. This highlights a basic form of the making change stick problem.
As with the example just given, change is often held together by the guiding team and/or an influential leader. There may be other elements that are holding the change in place such as; the new organizational structure, initial enthusiasm, a revised compensation program and so forth. However, these in themselves are not a sure indicator that change has stuck. Corporate culture is a complex concept, yet alone a change to the actual corporate culture. This involves changing deeply embedded accepted practices, channels, action lines, and networks.
To help any change stick:
• Use recruitment practices and orientation programs to clearly show what the organization cares about.
• Use promotion processes to place people who are accepting of the changed culture into the influential and visible positions.
• Tell the story of change successes over and over again.
• Develop continuity of changed behavior.

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