Term Paper On Employee Relations; Strategic Human Resources Management

Gloria Hamilton 12/02/11 3:29 PM

Term papers require proper planning and thinking before starting and in this regards selection of a topic is vital. Today I am discussing a very interesting and different topic as far as term paper is concern. This is not only piece of information I am sharing but the scope and the future is also included. Many students think that it is some rocket science to write a term paper but in reality trust me it is not!

When you are making term papers or research papers you need to pay extra attention to your references and need to avoid plagiarism because in sort of term paper, research papers or thesis you need to give extra focus and attention to that part.

An employee relation refers to the relationship between the employer and employee, specifically the way “mangers tell everyone in the company important information and employees are encouraged to make decisions” .Judging by the research carried out by White and Hill (Torrington et al 2007) as to what employees want, which includes influence over how their jobs get done (Torrington et al 2007) this would seem quite aligned to employee’s expectations. But it has not always been this way.

Traditionally, the relationship between the employer and the employee collectively is termed industrial relations where however the focus was on the employees collectively rather than individually .Industrial relations also pertain to the study and practice of collective bargaining. This meant that employees collectively had a bargaining power under the umbrella of a trade union, with elected representatives that engaged management on behalf of employees.

In recent times employee relations has replaced the term industrial relations as a result of the changing workplace practices and steady decline in the interest with trade unions. Changes in the workplace practices are driven by changes in the industrialized world foremost of which is the globalization of the world economy. The advent of technology has automated a lot of processes and less human resources are required to carry out certain functions resulting in smaller workforce. In addition the desire to maintain leaner and more efficient operations is driving organisations to do more with less. Smaller workforce does not encourage the creation of trade unions simply because the advantage of numbers is not present therefore as more smaller companies are created the more we see a decline in the need to form a union or union membership.

It is often said that employees leave line managers rather than a company. Line managers have the biggest impact on mental health of their employees as it can mitigate, create or add to their stress. Equipping line managers with right leadership skill influences their management style and endows them with problem solving expertise in employee relations matters such as discrimination for whatever reason. Beyond this is the duty of care expected from the employer especially in responding to employees needs and referring them to the right professional help if needed and healthy lifestyle for increased productivity.

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