Term Paper on Gender Stereotypes in Media

Gloria Hamilton 13/12/11 3:53 PM

One rule of thumb of writing a successful term paper is to research about the topic assigned to you and for this term paper you will have to have to look for information about gender stereotypes in media as that is what your topic is based upon.

To get started, you need to collect data through researching. Although your instructor will give you a guideline for conducting a proper research, you yourself should also know what exactly the topic requires from you and then research accordingly.

For this topic, the writer is supposed to emphasize the different kinds of gender stereotypes existent in the media industry today and pinpoint the types of people who usually fall victim to them. Thus, instead of being biased and writing about the media, you should remain impartial so that you term paper does not bring about any kind of controversy.

Begin by introducing your topic in an interesting manner. It is important that the introduction of your paper includes the role and significance of media in the lives of us human beings. Next, highlight the indulgence of media in stereotypical activities by stating a few useful points.

Stated below is an example which you can inculcate in the intro paragraph of your paper in order to make it both effective and engaging:

“The media is playing a pivotal role in changing the way people think and perceive the world. Media has the power of altering images people have formed about their own selves. In today’s world, living a good along with maintaining your identity is surely not a child’s play. The stereotypes which can be blamed for ruining the self integrity of a human being are actually the stereotypes which are based on social class, race and gender of an individual. Because these stereotypes have becomes so common nowadays, the public has started to become familiar with them and has also realized the adverse effects it can have on them. Now that these stereotypes have come into, it has become very hard to rid the society of them.”

The information stated in the paragraph above is very important and should definitely be added in the introduction of the term papers on gender stereotypes in media.

Once you have written a well versed introduction, concentrate on explaining the different means of overcoming these stereotypes and the reasons behind their creation.

Lastly, conclude by describing how an individual should react towards these stereotypes so that he/she is least affected by them.

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