Term Paper on Gender

Gloria Hamilton 23/08/10 11:04 AM

I am sure the term paper on Gender is the very unique topic to write on. It will be definitely grabbing the attention of the readers. Both male and female are interested to know about their sex or gender. In most dictionaries, gender is more or less defined as the properties which differentiate between organisms based on their respective reproductive roles.

Start your paper after giving introduction to the topic and then add some data which will show depth to reader. From a broader perspective, the term “gender” can be described as the differences between males and females ranging from biological roles to social roles. Here I am giving you one more good point to include in paper and that is to write from another point of view. Like in the light of the biological perspectives, male gender is specified by the occurrence of Y-chromosome as it is absent in the female gender. Nonetheless, there are numerous debates regarding the differentiation made by biological perspective between gender roles as well as on gender identity.

Students can add comparison in their paper to make it strong. The feminism notion has always rejected gender roles on the basis of it being socially constructed and not being supported by a clear biological statement. In contrast, feminism has not been able to come up with an explanation regarding power relations in society which are dominated by male gender. This information can surely bring good grades for students but the condition is to use it properly. Don’t just throw information but always try to explain your point.

In the body of term paper give all necessary information like gender is interchangeably used with the term sex or sexual orientation and also identity. However, according to social sciences this term is used to define only social differences, moreover, of people cannot fit into the definition of biological sex, they may be referred to as transsexual or transgender. Before the 1970s, the term “sex” was widely use used within the context of differential roles of men and women in societies.

The influences of the feminist movement had introduced the word “gender” in their own description of human nature and soon all matters relating to human nature are associated with the term “gender” as at this time, the human nature was perceived as epicene as well as socially distinct. By revealing this point your term paper on gender can be concluded and you can add references and do proper citation. If you follow all those points then no matter your paper will be best among all other students and you can achieve bright score.

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