Term Paper on Greek Mythology

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Greek mythology is perhaps the most famous source of mythology and legends. It serves literary, historic and entertainment purposes and has a large following all over the world. A myth is basically a traditional story or representation of supernatural beings, heroes, events or characters, with or without an identifiable base or explanation. Greek mythology is a collection of such myths that originate from ancient Greece.

A term paper on Greek mythology will test a student’s ability to research through unlimited information, filter out only relevant material and conduct an analysis in light of an aspect of Greek mythology. The examiner may be a historian, literature enthusiast or a professor who specializes in Greek mythology itself – so your goal is to produce a term paper on Greek mythology worthy of their appraisal.

You will have to state in the introduction paragraph your interest in Greek mythology and the chosen area or branch of the topic. Brief the reader on your intent and purpose of writing on Greek mythology and provide some information about your area of interest.

To help you decide on a narrower topic for your term paper on Greek mythology, listed below are some example themes to guide you.

You can write on your favorite mythical being or god. Hercules, Zeus, Olympus, Uranus, Atlas, Apollo, and Hades are popular choices. Get into their background, their strengths and their greatest accomplishments. You may even compare two gods among each other.

To take a step further, you can attempt to support or disprove a myth due to the existence or lack of evidence present. For this purpose you will really need to provide detailed, well cited references to support your findings and statement.

Another interesting way to go about a term paper on Greek mythology is by using comparative mythology. This is the comparison of various myths of different cultures and eras in an attempt to trace and identify similar themes and characteristics. This is mainly used for academic and historic purposes. You will have to spend a large amount of time researching and reviewing various sources of literature and text.

To conclude your term paper on Greek mythology, highlight the importance, value and impact of Greek mythology on our culture and society today. Greek statues, buildings, archeology and even movies exist today to commemorate and pay tribute to the fascinating mythology of Greece.

Remember to proofread your term paper on Greek mythology before submitting it.

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