Making a Term Paper on Leadership Management

Gloria Hamilton 14/02/11 12:16 PM

This is a very interesting topic because it covers two careers in reality which is interlinked with each other. Because Leadership is itself a vast topic to make a term paper and it can be define in any field. In this paper I will discuss about this subject in terms of Entrepreneurship. In this article you will find the basic data for your paper and I am sure such information will be productive in nature.

Although there have been many studies indicating that personal values are important for entrepreneurs, frequently these studies fail to indicate that entrepreneurs can be differentiated from managers, unsuccessful entrepreneurs, or even the general populace with regard to these values. For example, although entrepreneurs tend to be effective leaders, this does not distinguish them from successful managers. Although personal value scales for leadership –as well as those for support, aggression, benevolence, conformity, creatively, veracity, and resource seeking – are important for identifying entrepreneurs, they also identify successful individuals. Studies have shown that the entrepreneur has a different set of attitudes about the nature of the management process and business in general.

Recently, studies have revealed the presence of an ‘entrepreneurial gene’. Although there is controversy surrounding these findings, entrepreneurs and their team differ significantly from the bureaucratic organization and the planning, rationality, and predictability of its managers. Without leadership ability, entrepreneurs – and their companies – never rise above mediocrity. Yet, leadership is not an easy role to learn; the skills needed to do it well are constantly changing. In the past, many small business managers relied on fear and intimidation as their primary leadership tools. Today, however, the workforce is more knowledgeable, more skilled, and demands a more sophisticated style of leadership.

The rapid pace of change in the new economy is also placing new demands on leaders. Technology is changing the ways in which people work, the ways in which the various parts of an organization operate and interconnect, and the ways in which competitors strive for market dominance. To remain in the game, companies must operate at this new speed of business, and that requires a new style of leadership. Leaders of small companies must gather information and make decisions with lightning speed, and they must give workers the resources and the freedom to solve problems and exploit opportunities as they arise.
Management and leadership are not the same, yet both are essential to a small company’s success. Leadership without management is unbridled; management without leadership is uninspired. Leadership gets a small business going; management keeps it going. In other words, leaders are the architects of small business; managers are the builders. Some entrepreneurs are good managers yet poor leaders; others are powerful leaders but are weak managers. The best bet is for the latter is to hire people with solid management skills to help them execute the vision they have for their companies.

You can add some definitions on your subject like this:

Leadership deals with people; management deals with things. You manage things; you lead people. Leadership deals with vision; management deals with logistics toward that vision. Leadership deals with doing the right things; management focuses on doing things right. Leadership deals with examining the paradigms on which you are operating; management operates within those paradigms. Leadership comes first, then management, but both are necessary.

I believe this detailed article is productive and it will help out students in making right choice for their life.

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