Making a Term paper on Management Style

Gloria Hamilton 30/11/10 11:18 AM

Each and every day I think of some new topics to write on and today I came with Management papers. It is one of my best topics to do research because it is the subject which has greater depth and it can be written in many styles. Starting a term paper first do brain storming session and pencil down the things which you need to target during your entire paper. It is always suggested to make a list of dos and don’ts at the beginning stage of your term paper.

Start by writing an impressive introduction. For example, Organizational strategies and management styles and structure have evolved over the years as a result of activities of competition, globalization and the introduction of fast and newer technology. Thus the need has arisen to improve products to satisfy customer and increase or maintain competitive advantage in order to remain in business profitably.

In the body give out maximum information and make sure it should be authentic in nature. Success for most organizations have been attained through a high level of employee participation and involvement in managerial decisions, strategies and styles, thus with HR as its tool, it has become pertinent to give equal opportunities to all in the labor market in order to be able to benefit from their pool of resources, talents and other information that they might possess of their community and market.

You can take your paper to a broader vision by adding some comparison about equality and diversity like equality and diversity can be used interchangeably, they actually have different meanings. Equality in the workplace can be described as the openness of opportunity (equal opportunity) to all, to have a level playing field to fulfill their potentials. As the workplace is a mirror of the society, the representation of minorities is pertinent to reflect different groups within the society.

Whereas diversity means a difference or making a difference and it involves respecting this difference that comes from an individual’s gender, ethnicity, race, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, politics, disability, age, marital status, health, family structure, socio economic difference etc. the purpose of adding such information makes your paper strong in nature and it also give the chance to readers to develop some thoughts.

When diversity is used with equality, it connotes the recognition of individuals as against their group differences (culture) and placing positive values on individuals in order to gain the benefits of a varied work force that utilizes talents irrespective of their beliefs and background. Thus managing diversity could be seen as a way of enshrining equality in the workplace. Equality and diversity is attested to in most workplaces through management policies & strategies on job opportunities available (recruitment), managerial positions occupied & available and terms and conditions of work.

This is the best way to reveal information and when I did research on that so I am glad that I have chosen great topic. So my advice to students is they should go for such topics to score good grades.

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