Making a Term paper on What are the reasons behind Organizations Change?

Gloria Hamilton 05/01/11 1:57 PM

After reading the topic many students must be feeling good that they got what exactly they were looking for from a long time! So this is the right time to discuss about some changing process and the factors in order to make a term paper or dissertation.

First start by giving the background of the subject. So why do organizations change? This seems a superfluous question really as we all do assume to some degree that organizations must change. Yet when we find our organizational world around us changing and shifting we all feel some degree of discomfort and even at times we wish things could just stay the way they have always been. So it helps us, and it helps those whom we will be leading or managing if we understand why changes can occur.

When considering change in this context we have to understand that we are focusing on major change events. We are not considering the multitude of micro changes that occur around us all the time. However the lessons we learn from examining the major change events will also help in our understanding of how to manage any change. This is the main jist of your research and tries to give maximum information at this point.
The first thing we have to understand is that change is disruptive! Whether it affects an individual, a department, a whole division or a truly global organization, change will bring about disruption. In fact, that often is the desired effect! As such then change is also a risky proposition.

The notion of change involves “stabilizing the unstable and destabilizing the rigid”. What a tension managers are called to maintain with this. So again we come to the question, why change?

Simply organizations change, inevitably change, because of a variety of pressures that are thrust upon them. The text examines the following external pressures for change:

• Environmental Pressures
• Fashion Pressures
• Mandated Pressures—these usually stem from legislative actions
• Geopolitical Pressures
• Market Decline Pressures
• Hypercompetion Pressures—an example of this is emerging since the
• release of the Mac computers with the Intel chip. It will be worth
• watching how this unfolds.
• Reputation and Credibility Pressures

Pressure for change also emanates from within organizations.

After considering the question of why do organizations change, our attention is now drawn to consider what changes will occur in organizations? The answer to ‘what’ is not as simple as it might first seem. There are so many networks and connections within and between organizations that will be affected when there is a major change.

This is the information which is required for such kind of topics and I am sure you will find them productive.

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