Term Paper on Schizophrenia

Gloria Hamilton 12/08/11 4:57 PM

Hey everybody, today I am going to discuss a topic from psychology subject for your term paperthat is “Schizophrenia”. Psychology students must be familiar with this disease but perhaps, some of your must be thinking what is this as it is not very common among people. Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder that is characterized by a wide variety of symptoms and the disorganization of thought processes and emotions. Schizophrenia is by far the most incapacitating and a devastating brain disease which has torn apart the lives of many including victims of this disease and their families. When individuals show more than one symptom and can meet the criteria for more than one type, this situation becomes undifferentiated schizophrenia.

For writing your term papers on Schizophrenia you must follow the same pattern as we uses for other term papers but don’t forget this is a scientific sort of research paper. Before your start your paper, you need to understand and get some knowledge about the disease. I hope you must have got the word schizophrenia as I have described in first paragraph of this post. Try to get to know how it came into existence that is its history. Schizophrenia was originally discovered by Emil Kraepelin in the late nineteenth century and was named dementia preacox because it was discovered as a form of dementia that occurred in mostly young people. Eugen Bleurer later renamed is schizophrenia, “fragmented mind”, when discovering that its symptoms were long lasting but could be cured naturally over time, unlike the manic depressive illness and dementia that up until that point they were comparing it to. This was a brief history of schizophrenia which I got to know by research. When ever you choose topic for your term papers or research papers the very first thing u must do is get to know its history, its origin. Basis should be strong in order to write a good term paper.

After you got some knowledge, make an outline for your term paper and try to strictly follow that if you want to score good marks.name your term paper and write your title page according to the format you are going to follow for your term paper citation. Start research on schizophrenia, you can get information material from different sources like you can visit library but more than this I would recommend to use internet, you will find every information required for your term paper. Try to improve your searching skills if you are new to do search in order to get an accurate informative material.jot down the topics to be included in your term paper and make table of contents.

Make sure to do not copy paste. Plagiarism can make your term paper unsuccessful. Since, you have to write an original term paper, the information should be authentic and should be written by your own. Now, your introduction paragraph comes. It should contain some history information and some facts about the topic. Your introduction paragraph should also contain your thesis statement, which matters a lot in success of any term paper.

The contents for body part of your term paper must contain heading related to topic. Try to avoid rambling. All the paragraphs should relate and should be defining your thesis statement. Some of the headings for your term paper can be types of schizophrenia, its characteristics and symptoms, misdiagnoses issues, causes for schizophrenia, treatments etc. Conclusion section should contain the facts defining the result for your research on particular topic of your term paper. Citation of references and bibliography is must. You should write down all the sources you gathered information from especially if you have mentioned any quotations you must write down the reference as well.

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