Term Paper on the Phantom of the Opera

Gloria Hamilton 24/07/10 3:32 PM

A term paper on the Phantom of the Opera is surely attention-grabbing for the readers and also helps students to get good marks in examination. As it belongs to the classical novel Le Fantome de l’Opera”, so it shows your ability to research, analyze literature, critique and review. If you are interested in literature, it will be the best topic for you.

If you wish to write an excellent term paper on the Phantom of the opera, you should segregate your entire work in three steps: 1) Research 2) Writing and 3) Editing.

Step 1: Research

Prior to starting a term paper on the Phantom of opera, you should make an effort to learn about the actual novel “Le Fantome de l’Opera” published in 1909 from which this musical play is adapted. This musical play produced and exhibited in 1976 by Ken Hill.

You should also analyze the writer’s writing style, philosophy and messages in this classical novel. Also, search out the reviews either good or bad related to the novel and try to find out the causes due to which it was not a successful publication.

Step 2: Writing

Now start writing, write a brief and precise introduction of the term paper on the phantom of the opera. Mention that it is a striking story which merges all natural emotions such as love, jealousy, passion and cruelty of the protagonist together, beautifully.

You should also discuss what the differences between the novel and the musical drama are.

A well-written term paper on the phantom of the opera also discusses about the factors of the amazing fame of the play: which include its wonderful cast and crew, beautiful dramatic romance, famous musical score, and high standard of production. These all contribute in the phenomenal success of the play all over the world.

Another important factor that must be included in term paper on the Phantom of opera is the whole gamut of human emotions which are depicted beautifully in the play. Along with these factors, you must mention the contribution of the musical score in such a fantastic success of the Opera, worldwide.  It created a box office rerecord in Britain and created a trend in musical history.

Step 3: Editing

Now edit your term paper, carefully. Reread your whole term paper on the phantom of the opera, identify all errors then remove them. Submit your flawless term paper on time, proudly.

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