Term Paper Requirements

Gloria Hamilton 21/07/10 7:42 AM

At various point in your educational career, you may be required to write a term paper, dissertation or a thesis, either on your field of study or any other topic relating to your subject. Since this term paper will add to your final grade at the end of the semester or academic year, it should be realized as a critical situation and special attention needs to be given at the term paper requirements.

A term paper is in essence, a long essay required by a student during an academic term, intended to describe an event, a concept, or argue a point. Examiners and professors increasingly emphasize highly on the term paper and motivate students to come up with original research, aiming at developing skills like innovation and resourcefulness in students. Since there is much expectation involved, students often succumb to pressure and lose track and suffer from loss of direction. Here are some tips that will assist you in keeping focus when writing a term paper.

Tip 1

Find a topic that attracts your attention and really interests you, if one has not yet been assigned. This is particularly important as you should select a topic which is extensive enough to research and expand.

Tip 2

Writing a flawless introduction is another one of the term paper requirements. You should work on the introductory paragraph that outlines the theme of the term paper and elaborates its objective(s). This normally includes developing a ‘thesis statement’ that serves as the grounds for an entire argument of your term paper. You may also briefly explain the summary of the entire plot, outlining the case, the line of reasoning used and the overall debate which will follow.

Tip 3

Another critical aspect of term paper requirements is the body paragraph. This should include a detailed explanation of your topic’s arguments and further explains the line of attack you are using to present your case. At this point, you should indulge in conducting all kinds of major research, such as go through articles, filter through notes and lectures and databases, read books and newspapers and browse websites. Select the most authentic information to include in your term paper. Special attention needs to be given when quoting primary information, as references should be given to avoid plagiarism claims.

Tip 4

The final part of term paper requirements includes the ‘conclusion’. It should contain the summary of the former paragraphs where you essentially go over the main points of your term paper and encapsulate the analysis in light of the topic.

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