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When you are making your term paper you need to keep in mind some points related to citation and these are essential and very important for your term paper article. The basic step of writing for any type of term papers is to make the intro strong in nature. So you have to first write an intro and this requires some creative skills of writing because it needs to be different from rest of the term papers.


Recall a past change in which you were involved, one that was seriously affected by resistance

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
For the purposes of this discussion question however, what comes to mind is the time when a new General Manager (GM) was appointed for the Business Financial Services (BFS) of a large bank.

This was some 7/8 years back when the BFS segment of the bank was previously a “Relationship” based banking platform whereby business banking clients referred to as “connection” would have a “relationship manager” and a dedicated assistant who manage an assigned portfolio of business/corporate banking clients. At the time, the bank had the largest market share of business banking clients and was considered a market leader in this segment. Although the bank’s performance was good as the bank was still making record profits, it was facing much stiffer competition especially in the retail and mortgage markets both from the other large banks and also from smaller players in the market that had lower cost base (lower overheads). Thus, reducing cost to income (cost/income) ratio became one of the bank’s priorities to face the changed environment of reduced margins as a result of the competitive landscape as mentioned above. Co-incidentally or not, the bank had also appointed a new GM for its BFS business as the previous GM decided to move on and resigned
Change Initiative

As expected, the new GM embarked on a change program centered at cost reduction or cost minimization for his business segment inline with the bank’s overall strategic objective. He instigated a number of initiatives, but one that was seriously affected by resistance was that his attempt of work place design re-engineering which would fundamentally alter the nature of the existing “relationship” based banking platform. In doing so, the two main changes that were proposed in addition to the physical work place re-design were:

1. Changing the title of (client) “Relationship Manager” to a “Business Banking Manager”.

2. Doing away with the one-on-one relationship manager/credit analyst (dedicated assistant) structure and replacing same with a “pool” of assistants or credit analysts who would process the files of all the Business Banking Managers’ clients on a first in best dressed & priority basis. This new structure essentially altered the supply chain in that one file may be processed by 2 – 3 credit analysts each with own specialization where as previously one file was handled by one dedicated assistant who was known to and accessible by the clients of that portfolio.


The issues that surfaced with this new structure included, but not limited to:

Ø The loss of the relationship aspects especially between the clients and the assistants who knew the clients and their business.

Ø Loss of accountability as files were essentially being placed in a mass production (a pool of assistants) that would only process certain aspects of the file and pass it on to the next assistant for further processing.
Resistance to Change

This change initiative was essentially a bottom-down approach as the people affected were not consulted or had no material input in the process. Furthermore, the rationale that was presented to staff was cost reduction and efficiency/process improvement, nonetheless, the communication method was more of a directional approach with no apparent or convincing incentive to those affected by the change.

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