Writing Term Papers in Emphatic Order

Gloria Hamilton 06/01/12 2:04 PM

“There is more than way to skin the cat”- you must have heard of this phrase quite a number of times. Similarly, there are a variety of ways of putting down the information in term papers and presenting it to the audience and emphatic order is one of those ways.

So, is it the first time that you have come across the term ‘emphatic order’? If it is, then this article should be the ideal read for you. When term papers are written in emphatic order, all the information included in it should be organized in order of importance. For instance, you should state the strongest point first and then move to the weakest or vice versa. You will observe that emphatic order is mostly incorporated when you are working on argumentative analysis term papers as it does wonders in highlight the difference between strongest and weakest points.

Think emphatic order should be implied in the term papers you will be assigned this semester? Well then you should be possessing great analytical skills so that you can examine the information you have gathered and determine the point which not only pertains to the topic but also supports your stance. You should also be able to discern the weakest one as that will have to be implied in your writing too when incorporating the emphatic order.

Wondering what is referred by the weakest point? The weakest point is surely not the point which is irrelevant to your topic and is uninteresting for your reader. As a matter fact, weak points can only be distinguished when you compare the relevant facts with each other and carefully sort them out.

There are two methods of making use of emphatic order while writing term papers. You may choose to attract your audience by stating the most appealing and important point first then continue with the main point and conclude with the weakest point. However, the issue with this way is that the audience starts thinking high of your term paper by reading the first paragraph only and if then ending it with the weakest point makes them feel that the term paper is lacking in something and hence they find it incomplete.

The other way of incorporating emphatic order in your term papers is by taking a head start with the weakest point so that your audience does not think too high of your term papers and remain realistic. Then you can continue developing your term papers by stating important points and then ending it with the most engaging and important point and leaving your readers amazed and startled.

By taking these simple and easy steps into account, you can surely produce brilliant term papers. However, if you need further assistance, you can always get in touch with us to get the burden off your shoulders and feel free to order term papers! We are here to help you by writing your term papers, research papers and essays 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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