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Gloria Hamilton 25/04/11 1:42 PM

Hi there, today I have brought up some really informative topic for BBA and MBA students. I will be discussing Time Management today. Those students who are really having difficulty in getting their term paper done on time management must read this, as they will get tips on managing time and those of you who have Time Management as their topic must also read it, you might get something useful out of it.

Students! Time is all you have. Time management is such a topic that while discussing it, a person automatically learns how to manage time. While starting your term paper article you can discuss the Stephen R. Covey’s categorization scheme which is divided into generations as follows:

• First generation: reminders based on clocks and watches, but with computer implementation possible; can be used to alert a person when a task is to be done.
• Second generation: planning and preparation based on calendar and appointment books; includes setting goals.
• Third generation: planning, prioritizing, controlling (using a personal organizer, other paper-based objects, or computer or PDA-based systems) activities on a daily basis. This approach implies spending some time in clarifying values and priorities.
• Fourth generation: being efficient and proactive using any of the above tools; places goals and roles as the controlling element of the system and favors importance over urgency.

You have to get organized, set goals and save your time. Time management is often related to some other management concepts such as project management, attention management and personal knowledge management. Here you can discuss these concepts in detail. Time management is basically a strategic management; if you fail to have a managed strategy then you cannot manage your time. Here are the basic steps on how can you manage your time: First of all, make a things-to-do list. Make a list of all the important tasks you want to do in a day. When you complete a task, mark it. This is the traditional method of listing your tasks. Nowadays, we’ve got software applications that are loaded with options such as reminder alarm, memo list, and notes, so that you can manage your time and task simultaneously.

After mentioning the ways of listing your tasks in order of time, it is time to set priorities in your term paper or in your self time management. You should have this in your mind that what is that important work which needs to be done immediately.

This is important for all the business management students out there. There are several ways to set your priorities. You can use ABC style. This is a technique that has been used in business management for categorization. The activities or tasks are ranked as following:

• A –urgent and important tasks.
• B –important but not urgent tasks.
• C –neither urgent nor important tasks.

You can also use POSEC method. POSEC is an acronym for Prioritize by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing. This acronym is discussed and defined like this:

1. Prioritize – Your time and define your life by goals.
2. Organizing – Things you have to accomplish regularly to be successful. (Family and Finances)
3. Streamlining – Things you may not like to do, but must do. (Work and Chores)
4. Economizing – Things you should do or may even like to do, but they’re not pressingly urgent. (Pastimes and Socializing)
5. Contributing – By paying attention to the few remaining things that make a difference. (Social Obligations).

These were some ways to manage your time. Now, I will tell you what the keys to successful time management are. You can mention them in your term papers as well. If you want to manage your time successfully, you should be aware of your goals. This will help you in prioritizing your activities. Managing your time provides you with a schedule that is helpful for YOU only, not for the world. That will lead you to a successful life.

While managing your time and writing your term papers, you have to be very careful because when you start managing your time, there is no way that your time would be wasted. You will learn how to manage your daily activities. And once you learn them, it will be the beginning of your successful life. Just remember, Leonardo Da Vinci said:

“Time stays long enough for those who use it.”

I am sure this post is going to be a great help for those who are having difficulty in managing their time and for those too, who are having difficulty in writing their term paper article on how to manage time. If you find this helpful and want us to write term papers for you, you can feel free to Order Term Papers.

Happy Reading!

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