What to include in Term Papers on Violence in Schools

Gloria Hamilton 22/05/12 12:44 PM

Writing term papers on school violence prove to be very helpful when we are trying to assess and think through this general phenomenon that how it bore its roots in the ground. Being a student your aim is to study this case in depth and analyze and evaluate it.

You should begin your papers by explaining the real meaning of school violence that what is it that the society considers as school violence and what according to you comes under this heading. For instance you can state that physical abuse as well as verbal abuse can be regarded as school violence. Moreover you can also point out the perception that mental and peer pressure on students can be listed as violence too in certain circumstances. Give examples to clarify your viewpoint and make suitable comparisons and contrasts to differentiate between various situations.

As a student, you get an added advantage when you are assigned to compose term papers on the topic of school violence. The reason why we are saying that is because in your school life each and every one of you must have witnessed violence at one point or the other. As a matter of fact some of you perhaps could be the one who has been a victim of school violence.

Remember the school bullies? How everyone used to be dead scared of them and how poor and weak children used to get oppressed, beaten up and threatened by them mercilessly. In your term papers you are required to look for the causes of a behavior of such brutality, and do not forget that you have to further explain them too.

In addition you can also write about the agitated attitude of some teachers on students. Sometimes teachers too vent out all their rage on students verbally as well as physically.

We would advise you to undergo a detailed and extensive researching process before you take a start on significant aspects related to this issue. As you are all aware of the fact that school violence is considered as a menace in the eyes of people so you should take a negative approach on this subject matter.

Moreover proceeding further, students should try to describe through their paper that what according to them should be held responsible for the outburst of violence in school. You should justify in an appropriate and agreeable language that who on a basis of a general and common opinion should be blamed for violence in school.

Apart from this, students are also supposed to explicate the effects of this cruel and vicious practice in the term papers. It would be more preferable if you would attempt to bring it into the knowledge of the reader that how the children who are oppressed are completely different from the others in the lot. They lose confidence in themselves and become social out-casts.

End of the line of your term papers should evidently feature an understanding of the need to prevent the growth of violence in school. Suggest a number of laws and rules that should be implemented in order to achieve this.

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