The White Tiger Term Paper

Gloria Hamilton 23/07/10 7:01 AM

White tigers… what a smart and muscular specie. But the sad news will surely depress you that they are endangered. The shocking fact is that fewer than a dozen of white tiger have been seen in India and since 1951 no glimpse has been reported. Observing these circumstances, writing a term paper on these rare creatures is an excellent platform to inform people about the marvelous behavior they possess. Hope it contributes to protect them with the hazards they are surrounded with.

All in all, White tiger is a graceful animal. It holds a lot of stunning features that if embedded in your term paper on white tiger will surely bring up a perfect article. Let your reader know about their appealing appearance.  Its powerful muscular body, illuminating sharp teeth, creamy white fur with black stripes, pink nose, striking blue eyes, encircled with its startling loud roar makes it a dominant specie all around the animal kingdom.

Now move forward providing your term paper on white tiger with the amazing facts. Each point is a stunning one leaving your readers surprised.  Tell them that all tigers like human fingerprint have different patterns of stripes. Inform them that unlike lions they are solitary animals, they don’t hunt in social groups. Let them know that a white tiger can only be born if both parents have a gene for white coloring and in 10,000 tigers only one comes up with that gene.  Notify about their distinguishing character from cats, unlike cats they love water. In hot days they relax in the cool atmosphere that water brings.

You may also supply your term paper about the way they hunt. They prefer to find their prey in densely vegetated area, resting at a distance of 66 feet, silently wait for the right time to rush over its victim. The stroke of its huge forepaw is sufficient enough to smash its target down to the ground, ready to have a delicious dinner of deer, baby elephants, young rhino or other domestic animals.

Moreover, you may also add about their way of living. Every tiger enjoys its own area that extends over 40 Sq miles. They used to mark the boundaries by scratching the barks of trees. They do have 3 to 4 females in their territory.

You may enlighten about their breeding process. A tiger aged 3 to 4 years is ready to breed. They typically reproduce every 2 to 3 years.

End up emphasizing on the severe need to pay attention towards safeguarding that attractive unusual being. Deploy your term paper on white tiger is such a way that each of us joins their hands to protect that present number from dropping further.

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