Tidying up the Term Paper

Gloria Hamilton 02/06/11 3:58 PM

Hi every one, would you like to learn simple tips on how to tidy up or edit your term papers after you have completed them? I know that writing a paper all the way through and then edit it is a little bit hectic work. Check and edit your term paper carefully.

It is very helpful if you have someone who can edit a term paper for you. But if that is not possible, here are some tips to edit your term paper by yourself. First, put the finished term paper away for at least 24 hours. It’s common for students to wait until the last moment to write a term paper so it’s important to remember that you must have an extra 24 hours to edit. You will need to edit your paper considering these four areas: spelling, grammar, writing style, and presentation.

In this modern era, it is impossible to have misspelled words. With the exception of basic text editors, all word processors (MS Word, AmiPro, Pages, and WordPerfect) have spell checkers. You still have to be careful that you selected the correct version of the word you are using, for example, the use of “there” and “their”, there – is a location and their – is a possessive pronoun. Most word processors also have grammar checkers. After you have run both your spell checker and grammar checker, you should read the entire essay aloud. You will be surprised on the mistakes you will catch by using this method. Now check your paper for style, if your teacher assigned you with a persuasive term paper – did you persuade the reader? Or did you just inform the reader? Are your quotes followed by the proper citation styles? Did you talk in the past in one sentence and then speak in the present in the next?

Take your time to check the presentation, use the page setup to ensure your margins are correctly set. Use the Format features to align your paragraphs and space your lines apart correctly. Another tip to check your paper, change the view (or Zoom) to multiple pages (choose to display all the pages – unless you have more than eight pages). This helps you identify missing indentations or have too many (or not enough) spaces between lines. Some of these tips may sound a little demanding, while most people don’t intentionally look for mistakes, they do see them and a little diversion can lose a lot of conception.

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  1. jefferyclaxton Says:

    now it is possible to edit paper our self without any scholars help.thank u