Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Gloria Hamilton 17/08/10 12:23 PM

Today I will be discussing about the term “Plagiarism” because with the passage of time as writing style has been modified so many changes came in writing a paper. Most of the students don’t know exactly about the meaning of the plagiarism and they do plagiarized material and not properly do citation. According to research it is found out that students do copy the stuff from different books and websites and they are not aware of the citation method. Let me define what is plagiarism? It has different meanings but the most simple and easy definition is when you copy five or six words in row from other sources and you do not give references or citation then this act is known as plagiarism.

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to follow the tips and read books on them. Whenever you are taking any paragraph then make it your habit to cite it else do Para phrasing. Plagiarism is the crime but it has no physical punishment but you should be loyal to yourself and this is something which is serious offense. Next thing is the when ever you are sharing someone else words so always put them in inverted commas and right after quotation write name of the author.

These are the some general tips which I have shared with you and I hope it will be useful for you people. Apart from that some students forget to mention the quotes and use them straight away in their term paper. So always keep in mind that point and you can avoid this by reading your paper again and again and do revise and make correction before final submission.

The term paper you are writing just try to make the topic clear to the audience and not copy anyone else idea because this is the crime and personally you will be guilty after utilizing other’s work. As this is not fair to take someone else hard work and take all credit rather then giving any appreciation to the original writer. If you follow these tips then no matter your paper will be 100% non-plagiarized.

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