What is Academic Publishing?

Gloria Hamilton 07/04/11 5:41 PM

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Academic publishing is a subfield of publishing and distributes academic research and other scholarly articles. The large part of academic works is published in books, journal article and in thesis form. A significant part of academic publishing depends on peer review or editorial reference to other published articles and academic works.

The significant portion of well-established academic disciplines has dedicated journals and other publishing materials although some academic journals are interdisciplinary and include work from several different fields as well as subfields. The different kinds of publications that are acceptable for publication as knowledge and research vary significantly among different fields, review and publication processes.

A big trend these days in the academic publishing is with open access online to scholarly journals. The 2 main forms of open access to academic material online include open access publishing and self-archiving. In open access publishing the articles and in some cases, the whole journal is available free of cost online immediately after publication. Self-archiving involves authors who make there work available for free on the web.

Academic publishing is currently undergoing massive change as a result of the transition from print format to electronic. In the electronic environment, business models are different. The licensing of scientific journals and other electronic resources has become more and more common since the early 1990s.

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