How to Write a Thesis Statement

Gloria Hamilton 17/01/12 12:30 PM

Before you teach yourself how to go about writing a thesis statement, it is important that you understand what it really is.

A thesis statement is actually a sentence and its purpose is to summarize the plan of your term paper. In simple English, it serves as guide for the audience as after reading it they understand what your term paper is basically going to be about. Also, this statement makes the framework of your paper according to which you can prepare your arguments.

On the whole, thesis statement writing might sound challenging but it is actually very easy and simple as far as you take into account some useful and helpful tips and techniques.

First off, before you get down with writing your term paper, come up with an interesting question which will become feasible by the contraction of the whole thesis. You can attempt this easily by analyzing the main topic and crafting a question from it only. Coming back to the thesis sentence, the first sentence should discuss the topic and the purpose of writing the term paper. The next few lines should talk about the content of the body paragraphs of your essay so that the reader gets a fair idea about your term paper.

So, all in all, a thesis statement is all about inquiring yourself a relevant-to-the-topic question which will eventually give a meaning to your term paper.

Once you have written down the thesis statement, go back to it and look at it from your instructors’ point of view; do you think he/she will find it strong and powerful? A strong thesis statement is one which mentions only one feature of the paper instead of confusing the readers by involving all the aspects at once. So if you have chosen a theme, stick to it instead of talking about it vaguely.

Furthermore, a strong thesis statement should also highlight the foundation on which you will base all your arguments in simple words. So, it should not only be an observation but there has to be an element of depth to it. In addition, a thesis statement should only cover one idea because that is what the purpose of thesis writing really is. If you want to introduce another topic, you should make use of words like ‘unless’ or ‘because’. By doing, you will make the readers understand that all your ideas belong to a single topic only.

In a nutshell, a thesis statement is vital for a term paper and it needs to be precise, relevant and clear.

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