How to Write Analysis of an Article

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Hi there, before carrying out any research on any topic you will have to follow a procedure and investigate huge amount of information, and you also have to deal with an article analysis. Different people understand article analysis differently. Some express their own point of view (‘I liked it’ or ‘I did not like it’), some examine the accuracy of facts, some rely on the authority rather than research, and etc. in the article analysis.

Here, I am providing you some tips to avoid such mistakes and practice the actual process of article analysis:

Tips for Writing Article Analysis

• Reasoning. The main aspect you should look at when writing the article analysis is reasoning. If there is no reasoning, the article has no sense as well as the article analysis.

• Formation. The article must contain introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction you introduce the topic to the reader. In the body you analyze the information in the article. And in conclusion you write about the results of your analysis. This rule is true also for compositions, essays, research papers etc.

• Language. Depending on the theme and the reader of the article, language can be formal and informal. You should analyze whether the language is used properly or not. For instance, if the article deals with matters of law, the usage of informal language is inappropriate. The vocabulary used by the author is also important for article analysis. The vocabulary used in the article should not leave any doubt in the competence of the author.

• Subject improvement and comprehensiveness. The subject of the article analysis should be observed from various opinions. For instance, if your article deals with the problem of nuclear power stations, therefore the position of public, government and environmental organizations should be studied in the article. Moreover, it should contain all pros and cons of the issue. Article comprehensiveness can be studied with the help of arguments analysis. Consider if the arguments in the article correspond to facts supporting them. Mention also if the author takes into account positive and negative aspects of the theme, thus your article analysis will be comprehensive.

Concluding your Article Analysis Writing

In the end, when you make conclusions in your article analysis, explain them, because an analysis is valuable only when the results and conclusions are provided.

Following these tips will lead your article analysis to be excellent, convincing and comprehensive. I am sure this information will help you. You can see other articles for further help on several different topics. Do not forget that, we have hired experienced writers to write research papers and term papers for you. They can write custom papers on any topic you want.

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