Guidelines to Write Annotated Bibliography

Gloria Hamilton 03/05/12 11:46 AM

Before we get started with the subject matter of this blog post, it is significant to understand what specifically is meant by the term ‘annotated bibliography’.

All of you being undergrads must know how important references’ section is for term papers and an annotated bibliography is a presentation of these references in a compressed format.

If you are to successfully write an annotated bibliography, it is crucial that you are familiar with the writing techniques of an annotated bibliography. So, in order to get a know how of preparing an annotated bibliography, you are supposed to do the same task again and again so that it becomes easier for you to learn the required format.

As aforementioned, an annotated bibliography is a kind of bibliography which presents sources in an alphabetical order in a summarized format in the development of research reports. In order to ensure you spend your time effectively on learning the ABC of annotated bibliography and on preparing the research oriented report, it is important that you stick to the format which your instructor/ management wants you to follow. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your entire time.

The thing is that the person who will be in charge of evaluating the research papers will obviously have oodles of academic assignments to go through and that too in an allotted period time. Now, you cannot expect him/her to make an additional effort of being in doubt while assessing your work.

The person assessing your research papers will not really thoroughly read the information you have written and there will be a high probability of you receiving a high grade for the large amounts of efforts you put in.
If you plan to attain a degree in a specialized field of academia and be known for the hard work you put in for publishing theories to the related field of your research, then you simply cannot avoid annotated bibliography. Hence, it is a mandatory for almost all the students to comprehend and learn it.

The paragraph written below will summarize the writing style for writing an annotate bibliography for an American Psychological report format. Do read thoroughly as it will surely give you a fair idea of how to go about with this kind of bibliography writing.

Always keep in your mind that to remember the sources you referred to for information when writing your research papers. You will be required to quote all the references in your entire report by stating the author’s last name along with the initials and the year of publication in the passages where the information has been acquired from elsewhere. Also, you are supposed to give a summary for briefly explaining the material referenced and state the important points which h you had scribbled in the end of your bibliography part.

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