How to Write Process Analysis Essay

Gloria Hamilton 20/07/11 12:10 PM

Hello students, today I have chosen process analysis essays to discuss with you. Here I am going to tell you how we can write a good process analysis essay. Firstly, here the questions arises what is process analysis essay? What is the difference between this and the general essay? Students cheer up! Here I will discuss its format which will make you easier to write process analysis essay. A process analysis essay is a type of essay; it explains a series of events. So, when writing a process analysis essay, your primary goal is to write about a series of actions that lead to a planned or otherwise expected outcome. There are two basic forms of process articles that you may be asked to write. The first is the process-analysis article that strives to direct or instruct while the second type is that which explains or analyzes. In both cases, the report tells the reader how to do something. . Often process analysis essays are written chronologically so that readers can perform a set of steps to write a process analysis essay, you need to understand the steps involved in a process, how they relate to one another and how they lead to the end result. The steps below will help you in developing and writing a process analysis essay that effectively and accurately explains the process to your reader.

Choose a topic: This step requires lots of thought and consideration. You have to decide whether to explain an entire process or just part of it. Most often, it is best to choose a very specific process or a specific aspect of a whole process to write about. To give you practice in process analysis, college composition instructors may ask you to write about a process you know well. In such a case, select and limit your topic carefully. If a topic is too complex, you cannot discuss it fully in the space of a typical writing-course paper .if you choose a process that is too broad, there may be too many steps involved and your reader might get confused. If you must choose a broader process, categorize the steps involved so that the reader can easily understand everything.

Understand the topic that you have chosen.try to fully understand how to perform the process. This will make writing much easier.

Research your topic carefully. Gather all information.

Divide the process into separate actions. Almost any undertaking, even a relatively complex one, can be followed if the instructions separate the process into clear steps that the reader can follow one at a time. Consider your audience knowledge about how much they already know about the process. It will help you decide what to include in your essay.

If your purpose is to have the audiences actually perform the steps of process, it is best to use second person “you” to directly connect with the reader.

Write a thesis statement for your essay. Thesis statement should be a sentence which should let the reader knows about what the essay is all about. Don’t forget thesis statement guides the rest of the essay.
Write an introduction paragraph: in this paragraph include some background information about your topic and include the thesis statement as well.

Body of the essay: here the main content of your topic comes chronologically. This is very important for a process analysis essay. If the steps are not in order, it can be very confusing.

Use direct language in the body of essay. Make sure that all the paragraphs should be supporting your thesis statement.

Write a conclusion: conclusion provides an overview of the process. Remember not to bring up any new steps in the conclusion.

Students follow the steps one by one and arrange them by sequence. Always remember the topic you choose for your essay matters a lot. Topic should be enough interesting to make you process with your full potential and as well as to grab your audience attention.

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