The Best Way to write Your Thesis paper

Gloria Hamilton 16/11/10 11:27 AM

Before starting my article I just wanted to ask a quick question that do you know the difference between knowledge and information. Second what is the basic purpose to write any thesis or dissertation? This is completely different from term paper . So today I will be explaining these points along with the method to write your thesis. These types of knowledge are different arising out of the fact that each has different streams of origin. The dissertation presents one with an opportunity to coalesce all these different sources of knowledge with key focus hinged on relevant material only. Before delving further into this discussion, it is quite in order to state the definition of a dissertation. A Thesis or dissertation is a “long piece of academic writing, divided into headed sections or chapters, which researches, in detail, a particular business or management subject”. Research, dissertation are all interchangeable terms in this context.

Each knowledge stream will require to be praised apart in order to delve into the core focus areas of study. Pulling the dissertation together from the myriad knowledge streams will mean the author has meticulously researched each and arranged the relevant information bits into a logical flow that crystallizes the particular subject matter under review. This is important in that how one process the knowledge from these different sources is the key differentiator from one dissertation to the next.

Here are the steps or streams of knowledge to follow:
1. Identifying an area of study
2. Selecting a topic
3. Deciding on an approach
4. Planning the research
It provides the scholarly cornerstone within which to base the dissertation. After all, insights resulting from the entire effort will be of little value if not well governed in how these were generated, let alone presented and published. The experience bit of knowledge gained will ably lend itself to being the sources of the particular business subject matter that shall be investigated hence stand a high chance of benefiting from this focused scholarly review. The researcher’s final judgments and recommendations backed by well interpreted evidence provides the basis for the potential benefits to be gained that serve to enhance that business’ competitiveness.

The literature review allows for providing contextual, theoretical and background information by sourcing from published material of others having an interest in the same subject matter. It also aids in proving or in some instances discounting relevance of the selected topic area.

Knowledge generated from data collection [falls into two categories: quantitative and qualitative approaches] must consistently relate to the aims of the dissertation as stated in the proposal. The analysis approach will be informed by which of the two data collection modes was applied. Ultimately though, the purpose of this last stream when well presented as per the governing research findings framework is to buttress the thinking and views of the researcher.

As thesis or dissertation is meant to be an “original” work of the student, it helps the student to put everything learned during the program into his own perspective and present his own view of the subject. This “gives the student the opportunity to show his true worth”.

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