Format Of Writing A Graduate Dissertation Or Thesis

Gloria Hamilton 16/12/10 10:57 AM

I have observed that many students do have this query in their mind and they keep on asking about the format. So today I have tried my best to sort out that and worked on it that how a student can divide his/her time for research and after that how a dissertation can be develop. What will be the steps and approach? So below you can find answer f all your queries. Let suppose you are making a dissertation and you have seven months time to write and compile so here are tips for you students:

Month 1. Chapter 1. In this chapter you need to identify your research questions against an appropriate background; justify what motivates the research questions.

Month 2. Chapter 2. Literature Review. In this chapter you should evaluate existing academic literature, link it to your own research questions and develop your own critical analysis. In other words, mingle what the authors’ say with your own thinking (answer the “So what?” question). The more you read about your subject, the more skilful you will be in doing this.

Month 3. Chapter 3 .Methodology and Method. In this Chapter you should explain and defend your choice of Methodology and Method for your research — how you gather your data is how you are going to analyze it.
Months 4 and 5. Chapter 4 .Results and Analysis. In this chapter you will describe and discuss what you found out with your research, what’s new and why.

Month 6. Chapter 5 .Conclusions and Recommendations for further research. In this chapter you will link your results to the original research questions, and the literature review ‘gaps’ you identified. You should bring everything together and most importantly suggest how your findings are both useful and how they can benefit from further research. Remember, researchers are humble beings, we don’t know everything With our work we are always throwing the seeds for further knowledge.

Month 7. This month is left to make sure everything is ready. Look at the format, graphs, fill any gaps, write the abstract, etc. Proof read the dissertation looking for any typos, grammar errors, wrong page numbers, etc. If it is possible have somebody else read it—it is always good to have a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to take a look at it. Make sure you meet your deadline!

You can always achieve good grades if you have been following above mentioned tips and try to make most out of them.

So that’s all about the format and I am sure you have now a clear picture. So Good luck to everyone!!!

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