3 Tips of Writing Excellent Research Papers

Gloria Hamilton 25/04/12 12:29 PM

The rumors you have heard about those daunting, challenging research papers are very much true! Once you get yourself enrolled in college, come hell or high water, you will be required to submit killer research papers.
Do not consider this academic assignment your high school’s essay of five pages because this really is not so. In fact, it is going to be a 30 page killing assignment which you wished never existed. But lo and behold, this is one of those things that you will be required to do multiple times while studying at college.

However, hope is always there. Regardless of the length of your paper and the amount you have to work on it, there are some general tips which you should always take into account for submitting A1 research papers. Some of them are as follows:

• Be careful about your time
There are professors who give their students a time period of 15 days while there are some who want their work in a week’s time. So plan backward and design a schedule which gives you enough time to submit your assignment on the due date.

• Select the topic of your interest
It is possible that you might not get a chance of choosing the topic of your research papers. However, if you are bestowed with that opportunity then avail it to the fullest and select a subject which arouses your interest. If you choose something which you cannot relate to one bit, then you will find yourself in difficulty with coping with that assignment. In order to find considerable amount of resource material, it is crucial that you keep your subject broad and it should narrow enough so that you can develop it properly too.

• Create a killer thesis statement
It is essential for all research papers to include a thesis statement which contains the gist of the entire assignment and the order according to which the ideas in the body paragraphs will develop. For instance, if you are required to write an academic paper on Alzheimer’s in Teenagers, then your thesis statement should be somewhat like this: ‘Living a life free of frustration is important and it is possible by the comprehension of emotions of both the patient and family’. This statement points out that the research paper will be discussing ways of reduction of frustrations from the lives of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and their parents as well.

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