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In the realm of formatting, Harvard format is not only the oldest but it also one of the most favored and approved formatting styles. One of the best reasons of writing papers in Harvard format is that it is acknowledge widely across the globe by a great number schools and universities. This is so because of the plainness of this style in referencing which facilitates tracing to a great extent. So, if you belong to the lot of students who are looking for articles which can give aware them properly about the Harvard format, then this should be an ideal read for you!

Some of the elements which the Harvard format comprises of include the header, distinguishing information, thesis statement, body paragraphs, in-text citations and bibliography. The header comprises the page number and the basic keywords extracted from the title. The title of your writing assignment should be at the top-left while the page number is supposed to be right aligned. The next page should contain the distinguishing information which should include the title of essay, name of the writer and the institution. All this information should be centered both vertically and horizontally.

The next page of your paper in Harvard format should be introducing the topic. In simple English, it should give an overview of your topic as you will de developing it later. The introduction is followed by the thesis statement. It is basically a one line phrase written somewhere in the introduction paragraph. You will have to write at length about the thesis statement in the body paragraphs.

In addition, writing papers in Harvard format can come in handy while writing explaining explanations for the body paragraphs of your essays. The body of the essays should consist of paragraphs which provide information for backing up the thesis written in the introductory paragraph. The topic needs to be discussed in detail in the body paragraphs. These paragraphs should also contain all your research, analysis, and the relevant information you gathered regarding your subject.

If you have the knowhow of the in-text citation of the APA format, then in-text citation of Harvard format should not be a daunting task for you. The in-text citation is situated amid the text which has the name of the author and the publication’s date. In case the date of publication is not at hand, you can always make use of an approximate date. However, if the even the approximate date is unavailable then you should be writing no date available by stating ‘nd’. If the name of the author(s) is also absent, then you may simply write anonymous.

Before I end this write-up on Harvard formatting help, let me discuss with you the bibliography section which is also the last part of assignments concerning term papers / research papers / essays. The sources you have utilized for collecting relevant data for your particular topic will come under bibliography. All the sources should be written in an orderly fashion and it is also essential to provide name of the author, date of publication and the name of the provided link if any.

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