Tips for Writing Thesis Statements

Gloria Hamilton 03/01/12 2:15 PM

A paper is effective when it has a central idea/ main point/ main idea. So, it is crucial for a paper to comprise of a thesis statement. The arguments and statements that you state in your paper should identify with your thesis statement. A thesis statement is basically the sentence which gives your stance on the issue your paper is based on.

A thesis statement need not be more than a sentence or two. It should comprise of different elements including the topic of your paper and your stance with reference to that particular topic. The purpose of a thesis statement is to tell the readers what exactly the paper is about and it also facilitates the author by keeping his/her focus straight.

The thesis statement should be stated somewhere in the beginning of your paper or in the second paragraphs if you are writing a lengthy paper. By doing so, you will inform the readers about position and will provide them with a direction. So in order to come up with an outstanding these statements, following points should be taken into consideration:

• A powerful thesis statement deserves to be in the beginning of the paper. Refrain from burying it somewhere in the middle of the third paragraph as then it might get ignored by the readers.
• Instead of using complicated vague words, concentrate on writing a thesis statement which is simple and clear.
• Tell the readers the objective of your paper without directly stating it. For instance, you need not write that ‘the objective of my paper is so and so…’

Furthermore, it is also significant for a thesis statement to be comprehensible and specific. You will get a lot of chances of fine tuning your thesis statement as you keep revising he paper over and over again. So, once you yourself grasp the direction of your paper, it will become easier for you to improve on your thesis statement.

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