Writing A Paper On Career Of Principal

The most senior position in the academic department is of the principal. He is a person who gives orders to all the related people according to their duties and required departments. All the staff of the educational institution that is teachers, domestic staff and administration all requires orders from the principal to precede with any decision. The principal plays his role in every minute activity which takes place. Even the report cards of each and every student sis signed by the principal to ensure that he is aware of the picture according to every perspective. A principal is mostly a teacher before begin hired for this senior position. This helps him in taking the correct and beneficial decision as he is aware of the ground realties that make the infrastructure.

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The principal is also the one who decides punishments in case a rule is broken or an order has not been fulfilled. This does not mean that he can award a punishment without the necessary consultation. A principal has to take advice from his seniors and then take any decision relating to discipline or academics.

The employment curve presents a fluctuating picture which reveals both negative and positive affects. A principal’s job is not a very paying one by any standards. The monetary benefits as well as other advantages are limited to a certain extent. How ever if academics are your field of interest then there is not a better option available. So if you want to groom the future generation academically then this post should be the goal to be achieved.

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