Change Your Life Challenge

Immigrant students face lot of difficulties in the new country. Problems including language, friends are considered like one of the major problems for immigrant students. I, along with my parents as well Immigrated US when I was 17 years old. We didn’t immigrate to get more freedom and independence but the purpose of the immigration was to gain more opportunities in life. I always dreamed to turn into a pharmacist plus to open my own pharmacy and to help people in getting better health for their life. When I joined the university, my first semester was very tough and especially I faced many problems in Sociology. Sociology is the study of society as well as human social act. In my sociology subject, due to no friends and other problems I hardly cleared and secured C grade, but the challenge I faced in my last assignment would never forget. Our professor announced that our final task would be submitted on latest research on sociology. I started to work on the assignment and took latest research from internet.

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As soon as I started to read, I got totally confused as well as was not able to understand the result of the research. Now, I got very worried as deadline was about to end and I had to prepare the whole assignment. Now, I went to book stall and took the latest sociology books and magazines. I studied day plus night to get control grip over the subject but in little time full knowledge of the subject. Therefore, according to the most excellent understanding I completed my assignment after 4 days and submitted the assignment. The assignment got toughest of my life and I secured maximum number in the assignment. Today also, when I remember my efforts made regarding the assignment, I get totally amazed that how I made these efforts.

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