Chemistry – Nursing

Why chemistry is important in nursing and How chemistry is used in nursing?

• Nursing:

Nursing is the profession which has high regards since early times and during the time of wars this profession ahs gained popularity and the care which is given by nurses is countless and we can not measure it. Nurses look after patients and not only they do private work as well and at homes they also care the particular patients. They have given training at different institutes and they know the art of caring people. Basically it varies from one society to another the meaning and the concept of nursing in western communities is very much positive in nature but in Asian countries it is narrowed down. Nursing has the professionalism involvement and various science fields are now part of that study like chemistry, biology and physics. When we look at depth of nursing so it has two categories, first is the licensed nurses and second comprises of registered nurses and some are those who dedicate their life to health centers. Some nurses even do masters and PHD in nursing and then they became scholars and educate the rest of the students who are interested in nurses.

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• Relation Of Chemistry With Nursing:

Chemistry is an important field of science where everyday life methods are discussed in depth. It is important for a nurse to be aware of the chemistry theories so that she can relate those experiments with this profession and can care a patient in a much better manner. If a nurse is aware of how to make instant solutions for any particular disease so she can recover patient in short time. It is an additional talent which will; be helpful on doctor’s part. It is happened sometime that doctors do work different from normal routine so if they educate nurses on exact amount of substances so they can be very innovative in nature. Nurses plays a vital role in hospitals and they have the responsibility of taking care of patients all alone so it is observed that if they provide with sufficient knowledge so it will be beneficial. Little knowledge is dangerous so this is important to have detailed chemistry techniques in mind before making any solvent or solution.

• Conclusion

It is important to cater the class of nurses with best possible equipments and chemistry can be taught like of organic chemistry where our everyday experiments are involved. In a more technical perspective, Chemistry is the foundation for anatomy and physiology and path physiology. Students when entered in this field will learn all technicalities and became good and professional nurses after knowing about the compounds of chemistry like potassium, sodium and the most common and important carbon, they can start doing experiments on their own way. Now just to wrap up it seems hard to write an article on such topics but once you are clear with the concepts you can deal with the subjects.

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