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Simple Network Management Protocol ( SNMP) is a dynamic system. It works on Internet Application Protocol (IAP), and its MIB (Management Information Base) is virtual. Algorithm would be required for its implementation. Its response time is workable in Intranet scenario with permanent VPN but is far from desirable with Switched VPN. SNMP with Virtual MIB shall require multiple operations to maintain integrity of the database. SNMP uses shared channel and Virtual MIB. MPLS and Firewall can be used to improve the situation. One note of caution is that the firewall tends to affect throughput and lowers response time. Performance monitoring and full resource management is time consuming and difficult in SNMP. Only some parameters of resource management are resorted to. Channel capacity of SNMP is about one third of CMIS as such channel Bandwidth (BW) has to be increased for full implementation of TMN. Hardware requirement to implement SNMP can be implemented with incremental increase. The major standards-based network management protocols include simple network management protocol (SNMP), common management information protocol (CMIP), and telecommunications management network (TMN).

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The fundamental service for network management is SNMP, which stands for “simple network management protocol.” It is a component of TCP/IP, which is itself the foundation of the Internet. SNMP is used to provide information about the configuration of your network, addressing schemes, performance, and traffic of packets. Using SNMP helps the network manager avoid problems and identify patterns that are indicators of potential problems. If you are a network engineer, you will use the tool set at the proverbial UNIX prompt level.

In its simplest form, SNMP is a client/server protocol. It has two entities: the manager and the managed. Most network equipment has the option of supporting the SNMP agent and responding to SNMP requests. If the server, hub, router, and, eventually, workstations have the SNMP service implemented, then the manager is able to collect data in a remote mode. It is important to keep this in mind when purchasing network hardware, which should be “smart” or “manageable.” The information that is available in this scenario includes inventory, configuration, network hardware and software, and operational status. Using SNMP does not cause undue stress and overload on the network. It will not affect users’ response time to monitor the network on a regular basis, so long as you are not trying to replicate events too often and unnecessarily. Even though it started as a temporary solution for network management until something better was built, SNMP has become a standard. Most smart network equipment has SNMP availability.

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