Critique About Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

Paper Details:

Many critics have written about John Krakauer’s Into the Wild. Your task is to write a thesis-driven essay which assesses five critical review of Krakauer’s book. You should be able to find several critics who disagree with your own critical opinion of the book. You will be evaluating these critics on how persuasive their arguments are and whether or not they “got it right” with regards to your estimate of the novel. Concepts of ethos, logos and pathos should play an important part in your review. You may wish to settle on a particular theme and use that as a “frame” for your discussion of the critics, but your critics shouldn’t seem chosen at random or to simply fulfill the requirement. They should have something in common other than the fact they have all read the same book. Please follow MLA citation guidelines.

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Thesis Statement:

The emotional representation of McCandless and his journey through the Alaskan wilderness has been as much a piece of fictional writing and an exaggerated passion story as it has been an actual description of what happened.

Krakauer’s emotional representation of McCandless’s journey and eventual death has been on the best seller list and won a National Magazine Award nomination for an article that formed the basis of Into the Wild. Krakauer wanted to explore the events more deeply than a relatively short magazine piece would allow and thus he wrote this best selling book.

Although McCandless’s death was commonly greeted with derision or apathy by Alaskans, who pointed to the arrogance inherent in his ill-equipped and untutored attempt to live off the land, Krakauer presented a sympathetic portrait of the young man and his yearnings. He wrote in the introduction to the book that in trying to understand McCandless, “I inevitably came to reflect on other, larger subjects as well: the grip wilderness has on the American imagination, the allure high-risk activities hold for young men of a certain mind, the complicated, highly charged bond that exists between fathers and sons.”

John Marshall for the anchorage daily news wrote, with these compelling elements, it should not be surprising that a profile of McCandless, written by Seattle writer Jon Krakauer, prompted the largest outpouring of reader mail in the history of Outside magazine. According to him, it is not surprising that Krakauer’s new book, following an additional year of research on the trail of “the enigma of Chris McCandless,” is an utterly enthralling read. Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” has the pace of a thriller, but the soul of a poem, becoming a haunting meditation on the nature of belief and the allure of the wilderness

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