Overview of Dentistry Professional

Dentistry is one of the career options in the field of medical sciences. This medical sector caters the human teeth and its related areas. Even at entry level, a professional of this field should be a graduate. Medical colleges and universities offer several degrees and qualifications at graduate level .BDS (Bachelors of dental surgery ) is one of the available options .This academic program focuses strictly on dental surgery ,cavity control ,root canal procedures and other dental courses .MBBS another graduate level qualification ,however this is a complete doctorate degree focusing on all career options. Some students complete their MBBS and then obtain an FRCS degree with majors in dentistry.

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Dentists have multiple career options .They either join a medical organization the medical department of a company .Some dentists also structure their personal clinics and focus on the provision of private services .The BDS program includes subjects strictly relating to dentistry. Students after completing their qualification have to complete a house job under guidance .This house job can take place in any recognized hospital. Private clinics in this scenario are neither prohibited nor recommended.

The job of a lab assistant is yet another career option .It is advantageous in the sense that there is no requirement of a very high qualification .Hence for those who cannot afford the academic expenses, this option is feasible. Lab assistants conduct necessary tests, prepare reports and manage the appointment status .Maintaining and updating the patient records is also among the responsibilities of a lab assistant.

Dentistry is a field which requires a very high level of dedication to serve people. This career sector involves a certain sense of sensitivity and mental presence.

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