Business – Diversity Term Papers

Meaning oF Diversity:

Diversity is a very rich word and each and every field has some element of diversity because it is the differences of opinions or the difference of minds of an individual in some particular work place. The grass root level of having differences or diversity in decisions comes from the past experiences or the experience of an individual has in their life. Personal perspectives of an individual do get influence from the surroundings like where he/she is living and more over the atmosphere in which his/her up bringing is done. These things make opinion different and forms diversity. When talking about the diversity which is in terms of business so we need to focus some areas such as gender, race, color, language, income group, religion, age etc.

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Diversity And Society:

The society where we are living comprises of many different types of consumers and these employers are the real backbone for any nation success and to make the business flourish these people need to be look after with great care. Business need to maintain the balance and to keep the culture alive it is necessary to manage diversity at business level and all communities must behave in a positive manner. The aim of any business should be like that “different but equal” and its meaning is that it can be achieve by having equality at all levels and employers must be committed towards their work.

Diversity And Business:

According to Loden & Loeser, 1991, diversity can bring many changes to the life style and to the working style of office and more over it can be observed well when employers start adapting the same pattern as followed by majority at work place. Managers at office has a vital role and they can bring change to the business world because they arte the role models so they need to focus ion their staff members. The main task is to make the diversity as organizational value and then to make it positive in nature. It is required to change the culture of an organization rather then changing the people of the workplace. This focus on culture change rather than individual change frequently results in innovative ways of doing business. Instead of blaming employees who have culturally different ways of doing work, managers take responsibility for the “poor chemistry” and, when prudent, alter the work climate. It is acknowledged that conflict is inevitable. As cultural awareness builds and the culture changes, conflict is viewed as part of the change process. The more effective managers are able to tolerate conflict, and they identify potential conflict situations. Apart from that following are important characteristics which are required at work place by any organization:

  • Higher management is responsible for all type of disciplines.
  • Work should be done through proper hierarchy.
  • Awareness regarding culture is required.
  • Incentives and rewards are part of an employment.


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