Term Paper on Drafting Profession

As a profession drafting requires immense expertise in the field of drawing and sketching. One should have a natural inclination to the field of arts before choosing this profession. Sketching is one of the main constituents of the drafting profession. A draftsman has to have an expertise in this activity before choosing this profession. As a draftsman there are ample career options available. However the construction industry plays a pivotal role in designing employment options in this connection. Whenever it is decided by a construction organization that a project will go underway, there is a hierarchy of steps which is followed. In that hierarchy the most initial step is drafting or sketching the construction design. This process is a step wise design and has many releases copies. Out of these released copies the one with the highest fulfillment of the client requirement is accepted. After this decision the construction process is initiated.

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The construction industry is not the only available employment option. There are several other career options. Product design sketching is another employment option. Commercial sector no matter what product they product they produce require a complete team of competent draftsmen. These state of the art professionals structure the complete design of a product on paper prior to its actual structuring. Toys can be a good example of what designs a product draftsman generates.

A draftsman has to be a graduate at minimum to qualify even for an entry level position. The most preferable option is a graduation in the field of arts with a BA (Bachelors of Arts) degree. The chosen subjects should include fine arts, sketching principles, sculpturing, geometrical constructions and architectural design principles. It is strongly advised that the relative experience should be acquired in the form of internships and learning programs prior to permanent employment.

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