What Are Dreams?

what is dream

Dreams are one of my favorite things to study. One reason we have dreams is to sort of defragment and sort information much the same way your computer does. It helps us to get rid of un wanted or un needed info that we gathered during the day. But there are different types of dreams just like there are different stages of sleep. The average defrags. Dream can occur several times during the night and last usually 5 to 30 minutes. They are often filled with distorted or rapidly changing familiar places, people, and surroundings. These dreams are soon forgotten after awakening. But what about dreams that are so realistic that you feel like you were actually someplace else? This is called lucid dreaming and is the most strange of all.

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A Dream is a series of images projected into a area of the brain so we can view them as we sleep. We haven’t got control over the images projected but we can have control of our interactions.

Stages of Dreams:

These often become a part of your permanent memory. I myself on the average will have a lucid dream about six times a year. The coolest thing about these dreams is the places you can end up in that you have never been before and the people you have never met before. I have even had dreams with objects or machinery in them that seem to be other worldly.

I do not have an answer for why this happens, only a theory. I won’t bother to elaborate on this theory at this time because it really kind of goes along with my paranormal research.

In a just-completed study, Tore Nielsen, director of the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory at the Sacre-Coeur Hospital Sleep Disorders Center in Montreal, compared the typical dreams of 1996 college students with those of 1958 college students. Results: College students are having the same dreams, at about the same frequency, as they were 40 years ago. One striking difference: College women today dream about sex twice as often as their 1958 counterparts. Our brains gather events and characters from daily headlines, blend them with incidents from our own lives, and recast them into perennial dream scenarios.


I will say this; meditation is very helpful in understanding the dream state. With practice I have thought myself to see, hear, and go places at random that I cannot identify. I often record my meditations because I often fall to sleep during this time and I am trying to figure out at what point this happens. So far it seems there is a pattern to do with a certain sound and visual artifact that I experience at a certain level of concentration. Dreams are often due to stress as well, so keep that in mind. If something is really bothering us, we may have dreams to help us sort out our problems.

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