Elisabeth of Bohemia


19th August 1596 was the date when Queen of Bohemia, Elizabeth born. James VI of Scotland was very happy at her birth because she was the eldest daughter of James VI. The place of birth was the Falkland Palace and her mother was also Queen Consort Anne of Denmark. Her father was the great King of his time and earned a good name in the history.

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Elizabeth was the sister of Charles I and we can see many of her descendants in Hanover. Elizabeth was tilted Queen due to the pure efforts of her father and at the age of six she got Queen Title. Frederick V who was the elector of Palatine married Queen Elizabeth in England in the presence of James VI. After wedding they both gone to the court at Heidelberg Frederick was also famous because he was also the protestant to princess in the Holy Roman Empire. That union in which Frederick was also the protestant it was evangelical union. The only reason why Queen married Frederick was this that he is the supporter of that view.

Life of Queen:

Elizabeth was very famous among nation and people love her honesty and sincerity and the passion and concern which she had for her homeland. She was awarded with the title of queen of hearts and winner queen etc. She was rewarded crown in year 1619 in Bohemia and Queen and her husband both ruled the country for a longer period of time and their relation was also good and they lived happy married life. Later on they moved to Hague and they settled down but unfortunately their journey of together came to end when Frederick expired in year 1632. She had one son from Frederick and after his death she remained in the premises of Holland city for some years. It was the year 1648 when her son grew up and took the charge of the elector ship and Charles I Louis was Elizabeth’s son. This continues and Queen came back to London to meet her nephew and that was the era of restoration in Great Britain and Ireland. That was the end of her life and this journey was the last trip for her and when she went London to meet Charles II, who was her nephew, she died there. Her daughter was very famous in the history and the name of her daughter is Sophie and she was called Sophia of Hanover. So after the death of her mother Sophia took her place and nearly all of the descendants of Elizabeth are the monarchs from George I.


The entire life of Queen was very much impressive in nature and she did every effort for the betterment of her country and for the growth of her nation. People till to date remembers her name in good books.

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