How To Present Final Product (Term Paper):

Making A Project For Consumer Behavior Student

The final product will resemble:

Cover page

Executive Summary (1 page; discusses product, consumer issues investigated, few sentences on conclusions and recommendations)

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Table of Contents (1-2 pages)

Body of report as follows (11-18 pages total, approximately 3000-6000 words; do NOT copy and paste information from websites):

Chapter 1: Introduction (1-2 pages; 500-750 words)

Paragraph describing company, its product and its industry One to three paragraphs describing the product’s target market segmentation:

demographically (including statistics on the current consumer base), psychographically, and/or needs-based segmentation.

It should also utilize the terminology in our texts for descriptors. Keep in mind that this will be expanded upon in subsequent chapters of the paper and so need not be lengthy here.

A closing paragraph identifying the symptoms of a concern to be addressed with this consumer analysis. For example, it may be that consumer response to the product is not as expected; perhaps marketing research such as customer feedback has uncovered new concerns with product or needs of consumer; the current marketing is successful but external forces may influence future consumer buying habits; etc. Use course concepts in your explanation.

Chapter 2: Current promotional methods (2-3 pages; 750-1000 words)

An introductory paragraph that briefly summarizes the promotional methods used to influence buyer behavior Particularly using our readings from week 1, compose 1-2 pages that analyze these promotions in terms of the sensory-perceptual processes, Also identify how these promotional activities engage learning and induce memory for future recall of associated schema’s. The cultural context within which the consumer receives these promotions must be part of this analysis.

Compose a closing paragraph that summarizes the above and transitions the reader to the next chapter.

Chapter 3: The Consumer: an in-depth look (3-5 pages; 1000-1500 words)
In 1-2 pages, now expand upon the information given in the introduction. Describe, in greater detail and using our text concepts (particularly week 2 & 4 readings), the customer segment that is most relevant to the marketing problem(s) you identified. Consider their motivation, values, and attitudes all within the cultural context. Your texts will provide both the terminology to use as well as the explanations for and validation of your points made.

Describe the targeted consumers’ decision making influences and processes, considering the social processes involved, all within the cultural context.

Summarize the above information in one paragraph.

Chapter 4: Literature Review (2-3 pages; 750-1000 words)

Provide a paragraph telling the reader what your purpose was in searching the academic journals (as it pertains to the consumer marketing issue being investigated). Having described the strategic issue in chapter 1, current promotions in chapter 2, and the consumer in chapter 3, what type of information did you still need to properly evaluate the situation and provide recommendations?

Using the Online Library academic journals, write 1-2 pages in your own words about research that has been conducted relating to your issue(s). The information obtained might provide the reader with research that confirms or complements the information in our texts, and/or is new (possibly contradictory to) our texts. The literature can also provide greater cultural context to consider, as well as detail other external forces affecting consumer behavior. It should provide a greater insight in to many of the core aspects of consumer behaviour and how different consumer groups react to the product. You may find it necessary to research consumer marketing strategies. Or, perhaps compile an overview of the consumer information based on region, industry or other aspects of the market segment will allow for a comparison of this information to the product investigated in the PROJECT. From the application, comparison and contrast of this material to the situation investigated, recommendations will be given in the final chapter.

Whenever using ideas from one of the journal articles (summarizing, paraphrasing or quoting from a source), use an in-text citation and place a full citation in your bibliography at the end of the paper.

Brief paragraph summarizing the above information and transitioning the reader to your final chapter.

Chapter 5: Conclusions and recommendations (3-5 pages; 1000-1500 words)

Introductory paragraph summarizing again the product, consumer, issue, and current promotional scheme.

In 1-2 pages, provide your conclusions drawn from the analysis of the promotional scheme and detailed knowledge of the consumer base. Use information from the texts and the literature review to substantiate or explain your conclusions. Ultimately, this section needs to draw conclusions regarding their current marketing approach and targeted segment, the consumer issues unveiled through your research, statistics and strategies uncovered in the literature review, all of which would be synthesized into a statement of the root challenge faced by this product. This then would naturally lead to recommendations.

In another 1-2 pages, provide your recommendations for future action to resolve the issue initially presented in the introduction. Use information from the texts and literature review to substantiate or explain your recommendations.

Brief concluding paragraph bringing closure.

Bibliography of sources

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