Should Freedom Of Speech Be limited By Nicole Weaver


The main purpose of this paper is to illustrate the various issues that arise when considering freedom of speech as one of the primary themes within contemporary society.


Support to credence to the fact that contemporary world within which we live is exceptionally advanced and developed is the profound degree of development that has been attained by the intangible entity called society. This is more evident as society has evolved to such a degree that it defines and influences virtually all thoughts, traits and ultimately actions. Moreover, one of the obsessions that have come under the lime light on the global sociological platform is the increasing importance of the idea of individualism (Milo, 2008).

This has been mainly obvious within the United States of America being the center of technologically advanced countries which is due to the monumentality on account of the extraordinarily progressive nature of the American society. For instance, the relevance of American vision as one of the most instrumentally leading has been center to foundations of modern day America (Cohen, 2008).

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It is quite apparent that the limitation of free speech is indirectly tantamount to reflecting a tyrannical government. However, the limitation of freedom to speech is somewhat more often than not wholly essential. For instance, consider the example of pornography; even though, it is morally unacceptable due to the rights of free speech given to women whereas, the case is the absolute opposite when the male societal segment is considered. This is an issue which can be somewhat clarified by considering women as a group that have “rights” against pornography and hence, have human rights that bests against allowing pornography (Milo, 2008).

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  • Milo, D. (2008). Defamation and freedom of speech. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

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