George I of Great Britain

Introduction Of George:

The real name of George I was the George Louis and he was the King of Great Britain and apart from that ruled Ireland as a King. The tenure of his kingdom started in year 1714 and this ruling king was from Germany and the only king in this history who belonged to Hanover family. He belongs to a very noble family and all of his family members were in kingdom. He was the eldest son of Sophia of Hanover. His forefathers earned good name in the history of England as his grand mother was the sister of Charles I of England and his grand father was James I of England.

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The Background:

George I has the good reputation among English people and he was popular by the name of duke George of Brunswick Lunenburg and because of his family and their great status. It was in 1682 George got married with Sophia Dorothea and she was the Princess of Celle. In the beginning there relation was very good but later on after birth of two children it become worst and George gave divorced to his wife and also imprisoned her in castle. It was all due to infidelity and George was not sincere and he had relations with some other mistresses of that time and had three illegal children.

On the other Sophia was also involved in an affair with the Count Phillip Christopher and Chris was famous for having many scandals with women. George got annoyed and became very upset and planned to kill Count and he was succeeded in that and in year 1694 he killed him. After the death of Count, Sophia became very sad the relation of her with George became even worst and later on marriage dissolved. The powers as the king came transmitted to George after the death of Ernst Augustus in 1698. This had brought the downfall of his prestige and many scholars and researchers assumed that he was a cruel ruler.

During his kingdom period which started in 1698, many wars have taken place but the most famous among all was the Spanish war because in that George got success. Through out his tenure of kingdom he had great support from his workers and English people supported him at every step. He also visits his homeland and during his absence his son George Prince of Wales looks after the kingdom.

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The history tells us about the great time period of George I and how he ruled the State. It is interesting to see that how he became King and what were the steps which made him successful leader and a King.

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