Gerontology deals with the study of biological, psychological and social aspects of elderly. This field is differentiated from the study of diseases of elderly which is termed geriatrics. Gerontology has two subfields: biogerontology and geroscience. Biogerontology studies the process of growing old while geroscience studies the relationships between natural aging process and adding due to diseases.

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The field of gerontology is not as structured or advanced like other fields despite the multidisciplinary nature. The is may be due to lack of institutional support required for advancing gerontology as a comparatively low number of universities offer higher degrees in this field. Nonetheless, gerontology has received much advancement particularly in the Western nations where elderly population is significantly increasing. Accordingly, this field is at present a well-paying profession for many Western citizens.

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Gerontology also investigates the physical and mental changes as people grow old as well as the social changes due to aging. A number of fields are associated with gerontology such as sociology and psychology but these sub-fields overlap and cannot be regarded as same. For instance, a psychologist may only be a gerontologist if he specializes in older adults as a psychologist specializing in early adults is not a gerontologist.

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The investigating of implications and effects of the elderly on the society are also studied by professionals in this field in terms of entitlements, pensions, retirement and also health insurance. The applications of these findings are also applied to programs and policies from governmental planning to the running of nursing homes.

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